Music with Gareth

Anthony Bek

Handel Body Percussion


Pachelbel: Canon


Listen to the original and watch how each new instrument is shown in a different colour as it adds a new layer to the music.

How does this piece of music make you feel?

Can you hear all the parts by looking at the colours?


Now take a listen to the first couple of minutes of this remixed version.

What is different about this remix? 

Does this music have a stronger pulse? What do you think?

How does this piece of music make you feel?

Which one do you prefer?

Stand By Me: Reminder & Performance

Follow along beats

Kitchen Band / Classroom Band

If you still want to give this a go!


1. Follow the skeleton as it dances on the symbols and first clap or tap on every sign. When the sign rolls down the hill, make as many sounds as you can!


2. Decide on 4 different sounds for the 4 symbols – e.g. Circle = stamp, Cross = clap, Gear = chest, Triangle = knees/legs


3. If you're in class, split into 4 groups and take a symbol each, or 2 groups and take 2 symbols each.


You will need to find things to make sounds with for this.


Make sure you have asked permission before doing this. You will need help from your family too.

You can download your sheets below.

Make at least two patterns.